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Arjun Infrastructure announces successful first delivery of green biogas into the Danish gas network

SBS Kliplev: First supply of renewable biogas

Arjun Infrastructure is pleased to announce the successful first delivery of green biogas into the Danish gas network from its newly constructed biogas plant in South Jutland, Denmark.

This has been achieved two months ahead of schedule and is a true achievement for Arjun, who has made several long-term investments in the European biogas sector over the past years.

Once completed, the plant, which is located in Kliplev, will supply up to 6,000 Nm3 per hour of green biomethane to the South Jutland gas network. This will benefit gas consumers, support the green transition, and assist in the achievement of Denmark’s net zero targets.

The Kliplev plant is owned by Sustainable Bio Solutions (SBS), which was acquired by Arjun in 2020. The plant was constructed by Bigadan, who will also deliver operation and maintenance services.

“It is with great joy and pride that together today, on the basis of many years of close and dedicated collaboration with the Supplier Association SBS Kliplev, Aabenraa Municipality, Kliplev Local Council, Bjerndrup Development Council, Bigadan, EVIDA and a large number of partners, we can upgrade and send SBS Kliplev’s first green gas into the gas network.”, says Lars Byberg from SBS.

Two lines connect the biogas plant to the gas network. One line directs the gas into the gas network around Tinglev town. The second line continues towards Bolderslev, where a compressor station raises the pressure on the gas so that it can be sent into the overall gas transmission network and distributed across the country.

Currently, biogas makes up more than 25% of the gas supplied to the Danish gas network, and the share is increasing. According to the Danish Energy Agency's projections, biogas in 2025 will be able to cover what corresponds to 40% of gas consumption in Denmark. Arjun Infrastructure

Arjun: A leading biogas investor

Arjun acquired 100% of the SBS project in 2020 and worked with Bigadan on this construction project. Recognising the potential role and opportunity for biogas in the transition to low-carbon energy, Arjun made a second major acquisition in Denmark in the course of 2021. Arjun already had exposure to the biomass sector, having acquired a couple of assets in the UK.

These investments make Arjun one of the largest private investors in the Danish biogas sector. Nigel Hildyard, Managing Director at Arjun, explains:

“It is critical for our investors to build a sustainable platform in the energy segment to mitigate the impact of long-term climate change. We look forward to expanding through working closely with the local communities and the right partners, such as Bigadan”.

Facts about SBS Kliplev

With twelve digesters and three lines, SBS Kliplev is one of the world's largest biogas plants

  • With the latest technology, the plant can degas close to 1 million tonnes of biomass per year. This represents a significant circular economy impact, where biogenic wastes are transformed into useful end products

  • The biogas in the plant is produced from a range of biomass sources, including manure and deep litter from the fifty members of the Suppliers Association SBS Kliplev

  • At full production, SBS Kliplev can annually upgrade and export 48 million Nm3 of biomethane to the gas network

  • SBS Kliplev thus makes a significant contribution to making Denmark self-sufficient in renewable gas

Facts about biogas in the Danish gas network
  • Biogas is produced at plants located around the country, typically in areas with large agricultural production

  • The vast majority of the biogas produced in Denmark is upgraded - that is, purified of, among other things, carbon dioxide - and then dispatched into the gas system

  • EVIDA, the national gas distribution company of Denmark, ensures that the biogas is sent out into the gas system

  • The gas distribution network consists of a number of local sub-networks. A biogas plant is usually connected to a local sub-grid, and so the biogas from the plant will typically be consumed locally

  • If more gas is produced than can be used locally, the gas is sent further out into the system and supplies other parts of Denmark

About Arjun Infrastructure Partners Ltd

Arjun Infrastructure Partners is an independent asset management company dedicated to executing and managing mid-market infrastructure investments. Founded in 2015, Arjun now manages €4 billion of capital on behalf of 20 prominent institutional investors.

Arjun’s team of 29 professionals and a further 8 industry partners has extensive operational and financial experience in the utilities, energy & renewables, digital and transportation infrastructure sectors. We offer a proven ability to source bilateral investment opportunities and have a strong focus on ESG as part of our long-term, responsible asset management approach.


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